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Fall Ayurvedic Detox & Cleanse: Oct 15th – 24th

October 15, 2018 | Online

Register by Friday, October 12th and we begin cleansing on Monday, October 15th!

This 10 day, whole foods Ayurvedic based cleanse focuses on detoxifying the liver, kidneys, adrenals, and the blood. It improves digestion, eliminating unwanted weight and bloating, leaving you feeling lighter and more energized! I will guide you step by step through this gentle process and in addition you’ll be supported by an entire online community of people who are following the program.

Do you want a more vibrant, healthy, energized body in just 10 days?

  • Feeling a little sluggish from the abundance of summer social gatherings and vacations?
  • Looking for a natural, gentle way to lose weight and reset your body to crave healthy foods?
  • Do you want to balance hormones, curb cravings and mood swings?
  • Do you want to boost your immune system, gain mental clarity, and strengthen your overall being with the inspiration to integrate these practices into your daily routine?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this cleanse is for you! Note that this is not a fast or a juice cleanse. You will be learning how to make plant based, delicious, seasonal, nutrient dense meals that will allow your body to not only heal, but to THRIVE!

How does the program work?autumn-yoga-woman-670x446

  • This program is all online, easy to follow from the comfort of your home, and can be done while working and leading your regular lifestyle. Although, I do encourage you to clear your schedule to the extent that you can to allow for time to both exercise and to rest.
  • On October 12th you will receive: an introduction to the cleanse explaining why we are cleansing and what benefits it has for your body, mind, and overall being; an invitation to the google group where we will communicate throughout the cleanse; a meal chart and shopping lists.
  • Throughout the cleanse you will also receive daily emails of guidance and support from me, seasonal whole foods recipes; yoga, breathing & meditation practices.
  • You will have a few days to prepare yourself, your kitchen, and your home, so you can have the most successful experience during the cleanse.
  • Cleansing begins Oct 15th and ends on the 24th.

Basil leafs over assortment of various colorful spices spices

This cleanse is designed to stabilize blood sugar, improve the function of your lymphatic system, flush the liver, and reset your fat metabolism. Now is the time to join and it’s just what your body is asking for!

  • First Time Cleansers: $129
  • Returning Cleansers: $99
  • Current Health Coaching Clients: $49

To register, email me or send payment via PayPal using the buttons below (prices include PayPal fee).

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Register by October 12th!


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