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Black Rice & Butternut Squash Warm Winter Salad

Black Rice & Butternut Squash Warm Winter Salad

photo 1Recently coming off a cleanse and wanting a healthy, delicious, warm meal in the winter, this dish caught my eye however, I rarely follow recipes so I adapted this according to what I had in my refrigerator. I encourage you to do the same and have some fun exploring!


1C wild black rice

½ butternut squash, peeled, cubed

1-2 T coconut oil

1 leek, chopped up to the green (or green onions)

½ C pecans roughly chopped

2-3 radishes sliced

2 C of greens – kale, spinach, microgreens

handful of cilantro, parsley

pomegranate seeds (optional)


1-2 T lemon juice (about ½ lemon juiced)

1 T maple syrup

2 T olive oil

pinch of cayenne

Sea salt to taste

photo 3

Wash and rinse the rice online casino and cook according to package.

Toss peeled and cubed butternut squash in coconut oil until coated and add a little sea salt. Roast at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes (until soft but not mushy).

While the rice and butternut squash are cooking, chop up the leek and saute in a wok or large skillet on medium-high heat in coconut oil for about 3-5 minutes. Add the pecans for another couple of minutes so they get a little toasted. Turn off heat and let sit until the squash and rice are done cooking.

Dressing: in a small bowl add the lemon juice, maple syrup, olive oil, cayenne and sea salt and whisk until thoroughly mixed.

Once butternut squash and rice are done cooking, add them to the wok along with the greens, radishes, and cilantro. Stir fry on medium-high heat stirring constantly until the greens are just slightly wilted. Add the dressing and then serve!

This is a really easy meal to make extra of and reheat for multiple meals. Enjoy!

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