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Nada Yoga.

The Album

Why are we making this album?

Music is healing; it shifts our mood; changes our frequency. When paired with a contemplative practice (yoga, meditation) it can literally change your brain by enhancing the release of neurochemicals and hormones (serotonin) improving your overall wellbeing.

What is this project?

Nada Yoga means “Union through Sound”. Carolyn Little started the Nada Yoga series at JP Centre Yoga about 5 years ago, and since then every 1st Sunday of the month, she features musicians who play live creating magical soundscapes for her classes. Now, Carolyn and an all-star line-up of Nada Yoga musicians have come together to create the first in a series of Nada Yoga albums!

This project combines music, movement, and mindfulness. It’s guided by Carolyn’s vision and is the culmination of over 10 years of collaboration with many brilliant musicians, (most of whom are graduates of the prestigious Berklee School of Music and New England Conservatory), and thousands of yoga practitioners. This unique experience is a co-creation; an exchange of energy and expression that taps into the space of pure magic and the depth of true beauty.

Now we want to expand this experience beyond the walls of the yoga studio and make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

This first album can be used:

  • By yoga instructors playing it in their classes.

  • To listen to as you do your own yoga or meditation practice.

  • To listen to anytime you simply desire to be brought into a state of calm, peace, and groundedness (working in an office, in healing arts spaces, walking through the city).

  • The album will also include guided yoga sequences and meditations that you can practice to along with this incredible soundtrack.

Come Experience Nada Yoga live!

The first Sunday of each month, from 6-7:30pm, Carolyn features musicians playing live for her class at JP Centre Yoga.

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