“Knowing how the mind functions and training it properly is the real duty of a human being. This is spiritual work because the properly trained min is what allows the divine within to reveal itself. It is the duty and obligation that brings peace and joy to a human being.” - Swami Rama

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Private Yoga Instruction

I offer an interdisciplinary approach to my classes drawing from traditional hatha vinyasa, yin, restorative, and interwoven with meditation, and kundalini kriyas.

With a focus on alignment, I guide students into a strong yet balanced practice of self inquiry from a place of compassion and light-heartedness.

Providing careful attention to your individual needs, these customized sessions will meet you where you are and assist you in developing your practice whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner.

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“Yoga and meditation are such a grounding force in my life. My practice becomes a laboratory where I can learn about my inner world, observing the habits and patterns in my body and mind to see how they affect the world around me. I’m constantly challenged to meet myself with a sense of acceptance, compassion, and patience. Recognizing that this is a life-long practice both on and off the mat, I strive to hold a space that is safe and nurturing for my students to challenge and explore themselves with an open heart and open mind. In this practice we all become the student and the teacher and I bow to each and every being who chooses to show up. Namaste.” - Carolyn Little